5 Films Over 50 Years Old That Are As Great Today As The Day They Were Released

Some things go bad as they age: fruit, meat, my sense of humor, sweaty socks left in a gym locker, etc. Other things, however, only get better with age: wine, my Pokemon GO Pokedex, Mozart’s Requiem. Some of the greatest movies ever made fall into that latter category. Over the years, we see most films lose the artistic magnificence that kept audiences coming back for more in favor of CGI-filled blockbusters bursting with explosions. Not to say that the movies we get today aren’t any fun, but the movies from 50 or more years ago are some of the greatest pieces of cinema ever constructed. Many of them are just as fun and exciting to watch today as they were when they were made (I’m assuming because I am well under 50 years of age). Gathered below are five of the greatest movies made prior to 1966 that have managed to withstand the tests of time and can manage to please and excite a whole new generation of movie lovers. So without further ado, in order of release date, here are five films that have withstood the tests of time!

5. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Over the decades, there have been so many spin-offs of the classic story. From the hit Broadway musical Wicked to the 2013 Oz the Great and the Powerful starring James Franco, there always seems to be some fresh new twist on the wonderful world somewhere over the rainbow. However, none of those reimagined versions have managed to come anywhere close to the magical power that the Wizard of Oz has had on the world. It’s a movie that nearly everybody has seen; little girls the world over want to be Dorothy, teenagers can be heard singing some classic tunes from the movie, and adults everywhere can still recount the first time their parents ever showed them the Wizard of Oz. It’s an interesting storyline that never seems to get old. Plus it has some stunning visuals (including that amazing transition from sepia-toned beginning to the Technicolor world of Oz), the wonderful music is always sure to excite, and the characters are so relatable that you almost forget that there are lions, tigers, and bears – Oh, my! – galore. It’s turning a whopping 77 years old next month, marking it as the oldest film on the list, and it truly managed to cement itself as one of the most enduring movies of all time.

4. Ben-Hur (1959)

Jump forward 20 years and you’ve got yourself another true classic.  And believe it or not, the classic Ben-Hur we all know and love is also a remake! That’s right, the 1959 film was the first time the movie industry tried to tell the epic historical story that is Ben-Hur. All the way back in 1925 the original novel was adapted into a silent picture titled Ben-Hur. Then in 1959 Hollywood made the wise decision to remake the movie, and now, over 50 years later, we saw the remake remade.

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