Death By Zombie! How You’d Die In A Popular Television Show

Valar Morghulis. All men must die or at least that’s what we’ve been told on TV. Many of the most popular shows hitting our screens feature the gruesome deaths of our beloved characters. From shows such as Game of Thrones (kill count below) to The Walking Dead, nobody is safe from death.

However, have you ever wondered what the most likely way to die on television is? Maybe had a twisted fantasy wondering how you would face your end if you were a TV character? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to a study fittingly called “Dying On TV: What Are The Odds of Characters Dying on Popular TV Shows?” we now know the answer to all of those questions.

What’s The Most Popular Way To Die?

Despite heart disease being the most common cause of death in the US, television shows have much bloodier causes of death. Chances are most likely you’ll die from being shot if you are a TV character but don’t worry it all gets far more painful from there on out. Stabbing ranks in at number two, mostly from all those knife happy people on Game Of Thrones who just can’t keep it in their scabbard. We also know how much a certain character likes explosions on GoT, which might be why explosions come in at #3. Other horrible ways to die include strangulation, suicide, drowning, zombies, and beating. Luckily, the creators of our favorite shows didn’t forget to make their shows realistic, to a point, and heart attacks and old age both rank in the top ten.

What’s The Most Common Form Of Death On My Favorite Show

Most of the information above is pretty understandable. Game of Thrones love stabbing people and has the highest number of deaths (big surprise). Zombies, of course, take the number one spot for the cause of death on AMC’s The Walking Dead (again, big surprise). Getting shot or stabbed make up the majority of televisions most common forms of death, but there are a couple of surprising items to note.

If you’re a character on Netflix’s House of Cards, you’re most likely going to die from a train accident or carbon monoxide poisoning, which given all the blood and gore involved in stabbing and shooting, doesn’t really sound all too bad. And despite what you might think, you’re just as likely to die from a heart attack as you are from a plane crash if you’re a character on Grey’s Anatomy. Huh, the more you know.

Does My Gender Have Anything To Do With How I Would Die?

As we’ve established, guns and knives (or all sharp objects for that matter) are a big problem in the realms of television. However, if you’re a man, you have a 4% better chance of dying from a gunshot wound than you’re female equivalent. Men also have it worse off overall. Whereas women die from more natural, and less painful, forms of death, men almost always die in horrific ways. Women are more likely to die from old age, burns, death by impact, illness, and poison (all of which don’t even make the men’s side). Men face such horrific fates as death by explosion, strangulation, drowning, zombies, beating, and decapitation. You know what, maybe I don’t want to be on a TV show anymore. I quite like my head between my shoulders (and not rolling on the ground).

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