The End of The Road: Supernatural

The moment that fans of the fan favorite TV series, Supernatural, created by Eric Kripke, is going to come to a close. Announced by lead actors, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins on Twitter, the trio let their fans know that the upcoming 15th season will be the end for the show. While we still have a whole season to enjoy the Winchesters, we are going to start reminiscing now so to better prepare ourselves for the impending mourning process. Let’s explore some of the greatest gifts the series gave us. [Spoilers ahead]

The Winchester Brothers

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Sam and Dean, Moose and Squirrel, sons of Hunters, saviors of the world. From the start, we fell in love with the Winchester Brothers. Following the disappearance of their father, Dean seeks out Sam, whose then girlfriend was killed by the same demon that killed their mother, in order to find their father. Sam had tried to leave the life of hunting, as he wanted a “normal life”. The first season snatches Sam up, and brings him back to hunting alongside his brother.

The two are polar opposites, but have a bond that could not be broken by anything, not the King of Hell, the Apocalypse, or even death itself. Each had given their life for the other, and had let nothing stop them from rescuing the other from death, from Hell, from Purgatory, through the years. While we got to enjoy all of the adventures that the brothers embarked on, one of the most enjoyable parts of the series was the relationship between the two.

In the face of insurmountable odds, the Winchesters never failed to stand by each other. Sam, the book-loving, research-driven, and sensitive, younger brother. Dean, the rugged, rock-enthusiast, pie-loving, and Chevy Impala-driving older brother. The contrast between them is stark, but their ultimate goal was almost always the same: preventing the supernatural from winning, while ensuring that the two were still standing at the end of the fight.

The brothers did not always survive the fight, but that didn’t mean that they were done. Sam survived being caged with Lucifer, losing his soul, and dying multiple times. Dean survived Purgatory, the Mark of Cain, and again, dying multiple times. The “undying” drive of the brothers, their love for each other, and their need to save those from what goes bump in the night, had audiences falling in love with the Winchesters.

Wendingos, Vampires, Werewolves, and More

From the very first hunt for the Wendingo to the nests of vampires being stamped out to the countless ghosts that had their forms blasted with salt from shotguns, through the many seasons Supernatural audiences were introduced to tons of supernatural beings. One of the greatest gifts from the series was all the lore. Audiences got to see all kinds of monsters and spirits, each with their own specialties, abilities, and weaknesses.

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Each new encounter with the supernatural allowed for scares and mysteries for each episode. Audiences tried to figure out whether a werewolf was similar to a shapeshifter, and whether they could be defeated in the same fashion. Not only was each monster visually interesting, but their stories and lore became well explored and in-depth. The lore allowed fans of the series to follow along with the Winchesters and hope to figure out what the answer to bringing them down was before the Winchesters even knew. These monsters created numerous interesting stories, plot-lines, and stunning moments throughout the series, and they will be sorely missed.

Angels and Demons

The monsters were not the only supernatural beings that the Winchesters had to contend with. While they began the series hunting down the Yellow-Eyed Demon, as the series progressed the audience got introduced to other demons as well as their angelic counter-parts. Each side gave us tons of interesting characters, but there are two that stand above the rest.

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Castiel, played by Misha Collins, who comes to be one of the strongest allies and best friends of the Winchester brothers. One of the best things about Castiel was getting to watch how an angel came to grips with the ways of the world below him. How he became more human, and ended up caring about the fate of the world and of humanity.

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Crowley, played by Mark Sheppard, the King of Hell. Having played a part as both an enemy and an ally to the Winchesters. Crowley, the ever sarcastic king, was a very compelling character. While he at times was an ally of the Winchesters, he was still a demon, and had ulterior motives. But audiences still came to love him.


The Fallen Angel and First King of Hell, was a constant threat to the Winchesters and humanity. A recurring character that always brought the ultimate threat level along with him, was a compelling character that really challenged our heroes. Lucifer always made for an interesting plot-line through the many seasons that he appeared.

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Most notably played by Mark Pellegrino, Lucifer was both terrifying and incredibly charming. His rise and fall through power and position throughout the series made the audience both fear what his next encounter with the Winchesters would result in and love his charming and menacing characteristics.

The Hunter Family

The Winchesters were not the only hunters that the audience got to know throughout Supernatural. While we know that Same and Dean were the offspring of two hunters, John and Mary Winchester, the brothers came into contact with many other hunters which the audience came to know and love. Some of the most notable hunters include Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), and Jo Harvelle (Alona Tal).

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Bobby Singer, the surrogate father of the Winchesters, was one of the fan favorites. The hunter who was one of the first to continually ally with the Winchesters, Bobby was an incredible character that helped the Winchesters both hunt monsters and better understand themselves and grow as men. He also showed the brothers why being a hunter is so hard, and what it ultimately costs.

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Sherriff Jody Mills was not always a hunter, but was introduced to the supernatural in a way that many of the hunters were, with the death of her husband and son. Due to the Winchesters coming to the town in which she was the sheriff, she was taught about how to kill the monsters and be a hunter. Throughout the series, Jody serves as a mother figure for the Winchesters and was always a welcome sight any time she popped in for an episode or two.

The End of the Road

After 15 seasons, Supernatural will unfortunately come to an end. The Winchesters have faced many monsters, angels, demons, ghosts, and the Apocolypse. The entire road has been a thrill ride, both physically and emotionally for our favorite characters. While we will look forward to the 15th and final season, it will be bittersweet when it comes around because we all know now that the end is here. The Winchesters became our family, and it will be a sad day when we see them go. But much like Erik Kripke tweeted out, “family is forever”. And in the words of Dean Winchester, “No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it gets, you gotta keep grinding.”

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