How “Avengers: Endgame” Will Change Everything

“It’s not about how much we have lost. It’s about how much we have left.” Avengers: Endgame is set to hit theaters this week, and the anticipation is real. The 3 hour behemoth is set to end the first chapter of the MCU. Last we saw the Avengers, they had just lost to Thanos and his infamous snap. Now the remaining heroes, dealing with the loss of their friends and allies, must gather the strength that they have left in one final attempt to avenge the lost. With so many theories about how the movie will go, and what it means for the fate of the MCU, we at All Things Reel are going to put out our final theory. This article is going to explore what the remaining Avengers are going to face, and if and how they are going to defeat Thanos and avenge the universe. So let’s dive right in!

[Spoilers for multiple MCU movies, and possible spoilers for Avengers: Endgame]

The Avengers Are Not Done Losing

“A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.” When the first Avengers: Endgame trailer hit the internet, we were led to believe that Tony Stark and Nebula were going to be lost in space, and that Tony believed that they were not going to survive. It was a bleak outlook for Iron Man, the one who started the MCU. Now with later trailers, we now know that Iron Man does make his way back to Earth to rejoin the Avengers on their last mission to defeat Thanos. So here is how we think that is going to happen.

At the start of Endgame, Tony and Nebula are lost, and losing life support, as they float through empty space,presumably after leaving Titan following their battle against Thanos. The remaining Avengers on Earth decide to take the fight to Thanos in a desperate attempt to avenge the fallen. They travel into space to track down Thanos, who has retired to Titan II. The Russo Brothers have confirmed that Titan II is the planet that Thanos has created for himself, a world that is a perfect replica of Titan before its resources have been ravaged and the planet died. We see Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity War living in a modest hut on a beautiful plane with luscious fields. There is a scene in one of the Endgame trailers, where we see Rocket open up the door to the hut to find that it is empty. Thanos has left Titan II.

Our theory for why Thanos has left is that his plan to halve the lives in the universe in an attempt to save it has failed. Thanos as a warlord had traveled from planet to planet, where he would kill half the sentient population. When Thanos snaps his fingers wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, he took it one step too far. We hear Black Widow inform the remaining Avengers that Thanos’ snap did indeed halve all living things in the universe, but that also included wildlife and plant life. Therefore, the resources that Thanos hoped would be plentiful for the remaining life in the universe is not plentiful at all. The problem of overpopulation has not been solved, because the food available has remained in the same ratio that it was before the snap. In an attempt to right his mistake, Thanos leaves Titan II to figure out where he went wrong and to right his mistake.

The Avengers arrive on Titan II to learn that Thanos has come out of retirement. While they are traveling in space, they happen upon Tony and Nebula and bring them back to Earth and the Avengers facility. While Thanos is attempting to fix his mistake, he learns that the Avengers are consolidating their power and have added Captain Marvel and Ant Man to their ranks, as well as bringing Iron Man and Nebula back into the fold, so that their remaining force is made up of some of the heaviest hitters that Earth’s mightiest heroes have to offer. Captain Marvel has been battling the Kree, and turned away a whole fleet, including Ronan the Accuser, one of Thanos’ champions. Iron Man was able to go toe-to-toe with Thanos and was able to land a blow and make the Mad Titan bleed. Thor was able to nearly deliver a death blow, had he only gone for the head. Now, along with the help of the other Avengers, these three big hitters are standing side by side in their final stand. Thanos cannot have them figure out a plan to take him out.

The first major confrontation that we are going to see between the Avengers and Thanos is going to take place early on in the film. Thanos is going to travel to Earth and attack the Avengers facility, a preemptive strike to finally break the spirit of the remaining heroes. During this battle, the Avengers are going to come close to finally defeating Thanos, but he is going to kill Thor, the one who came closest to finishing him off, and retreat. During the trailers, we see the Avengers concocting a plan, but absent from their ranks while Tony Stark is there is Thor. Even when they don the Quantum suits and we get the awesome slow motion shot of them wearing them, Thor is not there. This prompts Bruce Banner to point out that they are “short handed”, with the response from War Machine “because he killed all our friends”.

The Quantum Realm

We know that the heroes each don an Avengers style quantum suit. The running theory is that the Avengers are going to enter the Quantum Realm in order to find a way to defeat Thanos. With the loss of Thor, this is a last ditch effort. Ant Man surely tells the team that entering the Quantum Realm is going to be risky, and that there are going to be complications. However, we also know that the Quantum Realm is not just about shringking matter, but that there is a “time” element to it. The Avengers are going to find a way to go back in time to gather their own Infinity Stones so that they can truly challenge the Mad Titan.

Months ago, footage was leaked that showed Captain America in the good ole’ blue stars and stripes uniform in an area that looked like it was the Battle of New York. In one of the trailers, Tony Stark is speaking to Cap, who is wearing his Winter Soldier uniform, and asks him if he trust Tony. We know that their is a ruptured relationship between the two, but this line still seems a bit out of place. Our theory is that we have all been duped and this scene actually takes place during the Battle of New York, and Cap is actually wearing the blue stars and stripes uniform. This is current Tony speaking with old Cap. He is trying to convince him that he has indeed come from the future, and they need to take the Tesseract. This Cap needs to be convinced to hand over the thing that has threatened the very existence of Earth for the sake of the whole universe at a future date.

We are going to see the Endgame Avengers time travel back to some of the most defining moments of the MCU, the Battle of New York, the Battle of Sokovia, the battle against Dormammu and so on. They are going to have to face their triumphs and failures of the past in order to complete their own Infinity Guantlet. Of course, this adventure is going to eat some serious run time, which is why the film runs for 3 hours. We are going to see Tony and Steve have to put aside their differences from the past to save the universe. When they collect the Infinity Stones, they still need someone as powerful as Thanos to wield them.

The Avengers Wielding the Infinity Stones

From Guardians of the Galaxy, we saw that with the combined forces of the team they were able to master the Power Stone. The Avengers are a similar team, and they don’t necessarily need a single member to wield the power of all the Stones. Perhaps Captain Marvel is able to master the combined powers of all the Stones, but it is unclear just how powerful she is, and that would diminish the remaining Avengers and their role in finally defeating Thanos. Instead, we predict that each stone is going to be wielded by an Avenger, and their combined power together is going to be what leads to the downfall of the Mad Titan.

We know that natural beings just don’t have what it takes to use an Infinity Stone, let alone touch it. But the Avengers are not just ordinary beings. So this is which Avenger will take control of each Stone. Cap is going to use the Time Stone. He is a man out of time, his whole story arc has been that he has lost his friends to time, and is now out of place in the time line. This arc combined with the super soldier serum gives him the ability to use an Infinity Stone. Hulk is an all-powerful being, with brute strength that surpasses even Thor. He is going to wield the Power Stone. It appears that Bruce Banner and the Hulk are going to make a truce creating Professor Hulk. A being in which the intellect of Bruce Banner is combined with the raw power of the Hulk. This is going to give him the ability to fully understand the Power Stone and wield it.

Iron Man is going to use the Mind Stone. He is the smartest Avenger, with an intellect that surpasses every other human. While he is only human, his trials as Iron Man have conditioned him to have a will and compassion that surpasses most. Captain Marvel is going to wield the Space Stone. Through her movie, set int he 80s, we know that she is one heck of a hero. She already has some experience, as she has encountered the Tesseract. Her battles against the Kree forced her to travel through space, building upon her power and fine tuning it.

The Soul Stone is going to go to Black Widow. Yes, she is human. Yes, she has no powers. But hear us out. Black Widow’s character arc has explored that she was once an assassin, and that her ledger is red with blood. Sound like anyone else in the MCU, yeah that’s what we were thinking, Gamora. Gamora is also an assassin who eliminated threats to Thanos much the same way that Black Widow has. The Soul Stone was gained by Thanos by sacrificing Gamora. Our theory, is that due to the sacrifice, the Soul stone was made manifest due to her own soul. Therefore, the combined strength of Gamora, who helped Star Lord use the Power Stone, with Black Widow, will give Black Widow the ability to use the Soul Stone.

That leaves the Reality Stone, and this one goes to Ant Man. Before you say it’s a stretch, think about this. Ant Man was left in the Quantum Realm following Ant Man and the Wasp. We don’t know exactly how long he was left in there, but we know from that movie that the original Wasp was given special abilities to warp reality, healing Ghost. Perhaps, Ant Man, even though he is surely not left in the Quantum Realm for as long as the original Wasp, his molecular make-up can still have been altered, giving him the power to remain in his diminished or giant form for longer periods without being exhausted. This gives Ant Man the unique ability to wield the Reality Stone.

With these Avengers wielding each of the Infinity Stones they will have the combined strength to not only match Thanos, but be able to defeat him. It will also give their combined strength the ability to bring back those who were lost to the infamous Snap. This may even result in a sacrifice where the humans who aren’t really strong enough to single-handedly wield Infinity Stones to give up themselves to bring back their friends. Which could lead to the loss of Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow, so that the MCU is changed forever. “A thing is not beautiful because it lasts.”

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