The 5 Best A Capella Tributes to Our Favorite Movie Themes Will Inspire You!

Music. Throughout our everyday existence we are constantly bombarded by sweet sounds floating through the air. Music can make us feel all the feels, and after hearing a particularly good (or bad) piece of music it can be stuck in our head for days. Movies utilize theme music to open up the film by giving us a taste of the feel, mood, and atmosphere we should expect from the majesty that’s about to unfold before our eyes. So, I have scoured the lands of Youtube in search of the greatest a capella versions of our favorite movie theme songs.

5. Spider-Man cover by All the King’s Men

Though this particular theme song might not have accompanied the Spider-man films in it’s traditional form, whenever we heard this song we knew we were about to see some awesome Spidey adventure about to happen. This a capella group opens with a jazzy version of a popular children’s tune before swinging into the classical Spider-man theme. It’s a beautiful rendition of a easily recognizable tune, but only clocks in at number 5, the reason? Everything gets so much better from here.

4. The Avengers Theme cover by Agent SpyMonkey

It is quite an impressive feat to be able to mimic an entire orchestra utilizing only one’s voice. That’s exactly what Agent SpyMonkey does in the above video as he brings one of the most recognizable superhero themes of our generation to the a capella scene. However, this cover only ranks number 4 on the list because it lacks certain qualities that our top three possess.

3. Jurassic Park cover by The Warp Zone (feat. Peter Hollens)

Anyone who loves dinosaurs has seen Jurassic Park. And with the new Jurassic World movies it only seems fitting that this theme song should be in the top three. 6 men, each dressed as one of the main characters from the original film, sing together to bring this iconic piece of music to life. Whether you watch the video or just listen to it, you are definitely in for a treat as all the memories of this classical film are brought back. I would suggest watching it though as singers dance moves can be quite funny at times.

2. I See Fire (from the Hobbit) cover by Peter Hollens

Technically cheating here as this isn’t THE theme song, however, this song is probably one of the best things about The Hobbit. In fact, this cover by Peter Hollens is one of the coolest things in the vast land of Youtube. This man has a beautiful and memorizing voice that can be played on repeat all day and you’d never get tired of it. The video opens with a solo before splitting into Hollen’s signature multi-layered one-man a capella group. What marks this group especially interesting is the use of multiple frames, real fire, and the sheer beauty of the music. Also an interesting tidbit, this song on repeat pairs rather nicely when battling a dragon in Skyrim (personal experience). However, as I said before, technically this is cheating which is why it doesn’t take the top spot for the greatest a capella version of a movie theme song.

1. Star Wars cover by Nick McKaig

The Star Wars theme is what defined an entire genre, an entire generation, and has lasted through the years as being one of the greatest theme songs of all time. Not only does this cover pay tribute to the original version, but the singer also mimics each instrument, not only with his voice but with his hands as well. A capella is such an interesting art form, and when artists such as McKaig and Hollens take the time it can create a beautiful masterpiece.

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