‘Star vs the Forces of Evil’ Ended Too Soon – Fans Want More

We hate to see our favorite television series end. And we really hate when the series ends and leaves us with more questions than answers. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that happens way too often. In the case of Star vs the Forces of Evil,  the finale episode did just that when it aired one month ago.  

To catch you up, or if you’ve never watched the show, it’s about a magical princess from another dimension and her best friend, Marco, fighting the forces of evil. The premise is interesting itself, but it has since evolved into more than that. Resulting in a shock to fans as it came to an end after 4 seasons.

That announcement had been made before the series even came back on the air for its fourth season. Making fans believe that this series was going to answer all the loose ends the second and third season had left.  Only to have it all rushed and leaving fans with more loose ends in their final episode ‘Cleaved’.

Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the finale.  

‘Cleaved’ starts with Star determined to destroy magic which ends up decimating the Sloarian warriors.  The only way to do so is to go to the source of magic: The Magic Realm. Simple, right? Well not so much, in other episodes it’s been revealed that the Magic Realm had been tainted with dark magic. As soon as Star and Marco enter, they quickly find out pudding is the key to keeping their memories. They find out Tom has been stuck there the entire time and now is brainwashed and ridding the Dark Unicorn.  

Marco takes care of distracting Tom and the Dark Unicorn while Star begins enchanting the whispering spell.  But she is not strong enough to do it alone – that is when her mother, Eclipsa, and Meteora show up help. Which then brings back all of Mewni’s former queens to help too.  Marco quickly saves Tom and stops the Dark Unicorn, just as Mina enters the Magic Realm and fans expect an epic fight fit for a series finale.

Well, Mina is quickly defeated by the Dark Unicorn and the realm starts to destroy itself having Star and Marco split to go to there own worlds. But they don’t and give one another what they thought was their last hug and confessing they are meant to be together causing a magic glow.  They ended up in their worlds. Star saved all the monsters from the other Solarian warriors, but Mina is still around to cause trouble with getting rid of monster ideas.

Marco is back on earth with his family.  Star and Marco are saddened that they will never see each other again. That is until a glowing portal is seen by both.  They run toward it hoping it will take them to each other. It explodes merging Mewni and Echo Creek showing us the different reactions of creatures and humans until the final scene is Marco and Star saying hey and staring at each other.

I know this may seem like a lot of information and did wrap things up.  But in the span of 20 to 21 minutes, it’s very rushed. Leaving many fans to wonder how this new Echo Creek will do with all these Mewmens and monsters?  What will Mina do since the new merge will probably get more people to join her side? Is there still magic since Star and Marco were able to combine the two worlds?  With all these questions left unanswered, the fandom has not gone silent. The day before the finale a petition went out by Valentina R on change.org asking to please give fans a Star vs the Forces of Evil season 5 or a movie special in future.  Resulting in over a hundred-thousand signature so far (with thousands more on similar petitions around the world).

The main purpose of the petition is to get some closure for our favorite characters for a show that ended too soon. And as for any petition it is trying to make a statement and be seen. The petition is doing just that having been shared on many different platforms like Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter.  

One prominent Twitter user has also shared the petition. Adam McArthur, the voice of Marco, retweeted his reactions to the petition. In one interview  McArthur said that “It would be silly for executives of companies not to pay attention.” To many, the petition is achieving its goal of being heard and seen.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Disney will listen as another one of Disney property had when it was in a fight to come back. What show was that? Kim Possible. It might seem hard to imagine now but fans had to petition for the fourth and final season and thanks to the success of the movie and intense fan campaign Disney actually made it. Will Star vs the Forces of Evil be able to do the same? Only time will tell.  

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  1. There’s only one thing I want to see if Star comes back: Star and Marco’s wedding. After that I can die happy. Until then, we have a lot of good fanworks to continue the show’s legacy.

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