The Deceptive Side-Story of the Sinister Six in Spider-Man: Far From Home

The first MCU film following Avengers: Endgame was all about revealing deceptions that moved the story. Spider-Man: Far From Home followed Peter Parker (Tom Holland) trying to come to grips with the passing of Tony Stark, whose loss was shown world-wide. This leads to a Peter who is attempting to figure out where he falls in this new world order, with figures like Nick Fury wanting Peter to fill the shoes of the fallen Avengers while 16-year old Peter feels the pulls of wanting to have a personal life away from his Spider-Man alter-ego. The whole movie was filled with twists and turns, not just with the main story-line of Mysterio, but tons of side-stories that turned out to not be what they appear. We are going to explore a possible side-story that the audience (those of you who aren’t die-hard comic fans) might have missed.

[Spoilers Ahead]

Mysterio: Not the Only Master of Deception

So, yeah, the twist that Mysterio was actually a villain might not have been the mind-bending twist that the film tried to sell it as. Anyone who was aware of Mysterio before this film would have known that he is not a good guy. Though this film tried to play on our feelings by trying to sell Mysterio as a man from an alternate dimension, finally giving us the multi-verse that many though was going to come following Endgame. While the multi-verse is not yet on the silver screen, that could have been a compelling story, giving us different versions of characters we are familiar with, and changing the way that they normally tick. Alas, we got the Mysterio that we all know and love (hate?). The Mysterio that All Things Reel predicted in our first Far From Home article, which you can rate how right we were here.

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Quentin Beck played on Spider-Man’s trust, and his unwillingness to step into the massive hole left by the loss of Iron Man, to gain the E.D.I.T.H. program in order to reach the last phase of his master plan. Even in his loss to Spider-Man, Beck was able to deal one more blow, revealing to the world the true identity of Spider-Man, and painting him as the real villain, a power-hungry kid who wants to fill the shoes of Iron Man and rule with an iron fist. This mid-credits reveal was one of many reveals that were far more impactful than the main reveal that Mysterio was a bad guy.

Then the end-credits twist just added to the reveals that this movie that we just finished watching was not really what we thought we were watching, with the reveal that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were actually Skrulls the whole time. Looking back, this second reveal had seeds of truth planted throughout the film. From Skrull Nick Fury getting upset with Spider-Man when he suggested that the mission ahead was better suited for Captain Marvel, with Fury replying, “Do not invoke her name!” As Captain Marvel is not just a hero of Earth, but also the savior of the Skrull race. Another nugget was when Fury claims that he had bad tidings about Mysterio and suspected he had ulterior motives from the start, with Maria Hill replying that Fury really had no idea, at all. This went to show that this Fury did not have the incredible awareness of the world around him that we have come to expect of the real Fury.

Sinister Six Deception

In Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s end-credits scene, it was revealed that the Sinister Six could be forming and be a future villainous force for Spider-Man to contend with. In that scene we saw the Vulture have a brief encounter with the Scorpion, with the audience knowing that the Vulture had figured out Spider-Man’s true identity far before the rest of the world. Now the original Sinister Six consisted of Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Doc Ock, Electro, Mysterio, and Sandman. So far in the MCU we have seen only two of these original members, Vulture and Mysterio. One of which has already met his demise. However, in the many iterations of the Sinister Six, Scorpion has made the roster. While the MCU loves to be as true to form to the comics as possible, they definitely take their own creative liberties, and that liberty is where we can see the forming of the MCU Sinister Six already have four of their Six members.

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So let’s explore who those current four are. We just established that Vulture and Scorpion are in the MCU. But let’s explore how they could be the first members. In the Homecoming end credit scene, Adrian Toomes, Vulture, is approached by Mac Gargan, Scorpion. Gargan states that he heard a rumor that Toomes knows the true identity of Spider-Man. Toomes replies that he has no idea. This led the audience to believe that Toomes has had a redeeming moment, knowing that Spider-Man saved his life and was now protecting Spidey because he is just a kid and not a threat to anyone. Mysterio’s reveal that Spider-Man orchestrated the drone attack could change that view. Toomes became the Vulture because he saw the destruction that the Avengers caused and saw an opportunity for wealth. While he was mostly motivated by taking advantage of the alien tech to make money, he also has no love for the Avengers. Being convinced that Spider-Man was abusing the new power that he has could motivate Toomes to renege on his redeeming moment and wish to put a stop to the web-head.

Now for the other two members of the Sinister Six that could already be in the MCU. In Far From Home we were introduced to a SHIELD agent simply named Dimitri. If you take a look around the web, you’ll see that many have already pegged Dimitri as the Chameleon, with the director, Jon Watts neither confirming or denying Dimitri’s true identity. The Chameleon is one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous villains, with the ability to alter his appearance to take on any face that he chooses. There are two possibilities for how the MCU Chameleon could have this ability. We already know that two of the top SHIELD operatives, Nick Fury and Maria Hill are actually Skrulls. This could mean that Dimitri is also a Skrull, which would give him the ability of shape-shifting. While the Skrull appear to be good guys in the MCU, it is entirely possible that there is a faction of Skrull that are not so good and oppose the rest the Skrulls we know. However, the second possibility could play into the Sinister Six.

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The second possibility is that because we know that Skrull Nick Fury is not all that aware of his surroundings and prone to being tricked, it is entirely possible that Dimitri has infiltrated SHIELD with his Chameleon abilities. Chameleon has more behind his character that could prove a issue for Spider-Man. In the comics, Chameleon is the half brother of another Spidey villain, Kraven the Hunter. Dimitri could have inflitrated SHIELD and gone on this particular mission to feel out whether Spider-Man is a worthy trophy for Kraven to hunt down. In the comics, Kraven targets Spider-Man in order to prove his superior abilities. And in the Kraven Last Hunt comic arc, Kraven shoots and buries Spider-Man alive, then dons a Spider-Man suit as he assumes his identity to become the hero. This arc could be what we could see from a MCU Kraven, following the Mysterio reveal of Spider-Man as a villain.

The Sinister Six Master Plan

Mysterio has painted Spider-Man as a power hungry hero with the EDITH tech that could kill anyone on Earth that Spidey chooses to execute. This could be the driving force behind the Sinister Six. As we already discussed about Vulture’s possible motivations, the rest of the Sinister Six could be motivated to put a stop to this power hungry, all-powerful Spider-Man. Similar to Mysterio’s plan to become the next Iron Man-esque hero of the world, we could see the Sinister Six team up to take out Spider-Man and assert themselves as the next Avengers. This would go along with the story-arc we have already seen from Vulture, who is entirely villainous but has many driving factors. He hadn’t seen Spider-Man as an actual threat, but now knowing that Spider-Man has EDITH, he may now see Spider-Man as a threat and agree to team-up with Scorpion.

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Their team-up could coincide with the plan that Chameleon and Kraven already have to hunt down Spider-Man, leading to the formation of the Sinister Six. There are two more wrinkles to iron out before we get to this iteration of the Sinister Six. First, Sony is already working on a Kraven solo movie in the same vein of Venom. However, Venom did not deliver the way that Sony would have liked. Kevin Feige has stated that Sony is interested in folding their Venom into the MCU, this could mean that Sony is also interested in allowing Marvel Studios to be more involved in their solo Kraven movie. The Kraven movie could both introduce the Hunter, and also establish how much of a threat he could be to Spider-Man. This could also lead to Sony adding their Venom to the Sinister Six roster. Then we would have five of the six spots filled out and that could lead to the next Spider-Man movie showcasing Spidey against the Sinister Six. The second wrinkle is the final roster spot. There is not currently a sixth Spidey villain that has seen the silver screen since the Tom Holland Spider-Man. It is easy enough to take one of the familiar villains and place him in a Sinister Six movie. Someone like Doc Ock, Sandman, Green Goblin or the Lizard, who have all appeared in previous Spider-Man movies.

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