Top 10 Young Justice Couples

Young Justice Outsiders returns to the DC Universe; making the episodes releases change to Tuesdays instead of their former Fridays.  But that is not all the streaming services has changed.  The mid-season will kick off with the expected three episodes, but after that DC Universe will only release one episode a week.  Until August 27th which will air the final three episodes ending Young Justice: Outsiders.

With this long-awaited conclusion to season 3; a lot has happened.  One thing in particular is that there are new couples to add to the already long list that the show has.  So, with all three seasons I have gathered the top 10 Young Justice couples.

10: La’gaan (Lagoon Boy) and M’gann (Miss Martian):

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Due to Conner dumping M’gannn after a disagreement on the use of her powers, La’gaan had become her rebound guy.  Even though they had gotten together for the wrong reasons.  They did seem to have a relationship; having date nights, nicknames and wanting to protect one another.  La’gaan even believed that they could make it work between them but M’gann knew that for the best they should break up because she believed he deserved better.

9: Aqualad and Tula:


Though these two never officially got together you can read there feels for each other clear as day.  The two are best friends and don’t want to hurt one another.  It was hard for Tula to tell him she was dating Garth because she knew of Kaldurs feeling for her.  But he took it in stride and supported his friends even though his feelings for her never changed.  Even after her death he still pines for her and what they could have been.

8: Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) & Helga Jace

I…I… I don’t quite know if this is a relationship.  Yeah, they had a date then they end up taking it up to the next level.  I don’t know if this is because they relate to each other because of extenuating circumstances of their pasts or what.  None the less it is looking like these two are together and seem to be each other’s support in the difficult times that are going on.

7: Dick Grayson (Robin) & Zatanna


Grayson did not hide his feelings at all for Zatanna when they first met with those nerves laughs as he introduces himself and the team.  Robin even pulls a few of Wally’s corny lines to try to impress her.  At the end of the first season they ended up together but between that and season 2 they ended up breaking up.  But they are still really close friends.

6: Karen Beecher (Bumblebee) & Mal Duncan (New Guardian)

These two are high school sweethearts and teammates.  Having so many things thrown at them like mission, villains and college.  Causing them to argue on what they should do to make it work between them.  Oh, and did I mention they did this while trying to stop the War World.  Well they finally realized what they had been doing wrong and are still together as far as we know.

5: Dick Grayson (Nightwing) Barbra Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle):

This is one of season 3’s recent relationships.  In fact, the first two seasons we had only seen the two ever really have a friendship.  Going to the same school and then later being part of the same team.  Barbra pushing all of Grayson’s buttons when they interact.  As for how this changed from friendship to relationship is not known.  But Grayson seems to miss Barbra even though they talk to each other every day.

4: Clone! Roy (Red Arrow) & Jade (Cheshire)


These two seemed like complete opposites but yet similar.  So why wouldn’t these two end up getting married and have a kid.  We don’t officially know how or when they got together do to again the five-year jump.  But of what we see in season three these two care for each other.  Roy wants her back so they can be a family.  While Jade feels has let go of Roy and their daughter Lian so that they can move on having a normal life. 

3: Violet (Halo) and Brion (Geo-Force):


Violet and Brion are the newest members who were both saved by Nightwings covert operations team when they went to Markovia to find kidnapped children.  Brion likes Violets constant learning and childlike nature.  While Violet has defiantly seen more of Brion then any other girl.  Having this sweet cinnamon roll girlfriend and the over tempered boyfriend bring all the feels back from when Superboy and Miss M first got together.  We can only wait and see if Brion and Violet can make their relationship work like the others.

2: Conner (Superboy) & M’gann (Miss Martian): 


From there very first encounter; you knew they were going to end up together.  But everything changed when season two came.  Showing us, they had broken up and in the first episode the reason was unknown.  But the wounds that had them broken apart have healed and we now see the two happily living together in Happy Harbor.  Showing us that they have accepted all parts of themselves and each other; to now be engaged!

1: Artemis & Wally (Kid Flash):


How could I not put this couple in here.  Ever since they first met, they despised one another.  Artemis wouldn’t let Wally get away with anything.  While Wally got her to loosen up.  Making these two very slowly trust and believe in each other.  Season 2 shows us that they now have retired from Young Justice and are going to college together.  But both return to help their friends defeat the Reach and save the Earth.  Though, it came with a price.  Wally had disintegrated as he helped Flash and Impulse to stop a magnetic Field Disruptor.  His last words being “Artemis is so going to kill me for this.  Don’t get me started on mom and dad.  Just tell them.”  Artemis was always his first thought no matter what and that is why they are in the number one spot.

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