Novels To Get Through Comic Con Blues

It’s that time of year again; that’s right San Diego Comic Con!  The biggest convention of them all and the tickets are the hardest to obtain.  If you were not one of the 130,000+ people to get a ticket.  I have a way to get the feeling that you’re at a convention, which is accomplished with these novels.

Comic Con Men by Anthony Falcone

Our first one can be found on Amazon and it is Comic Con Men by Anthony Falcone.  When the five most valuable comics in the world are going to be displayed at a convention.  Jimmy has a plan on how to steal them.  All he needs is a team. 

This story is a quick but enjoyable read and really goes deep into comic references.  References that sometimes I even had to look up. Just to see what made them even get a mention in this novel.  You’ll get to see the convention set up before your eyes from two different perspectives.  You, of course, get to experience the convention from the different points where the team is located.  You do, however, get sucked into to see if Jimmy and his team are successful in their mission to get the comics.  It feels like you’re reading Ocean’s 11 or some other con movie.

The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash

Graham has been in love with his best friend Roxy ever since she asked him what Hogwarts House he was.  But he wants to show her his love.  So, once he hears their favorite creator to The Chronicles of Althena is to make a rare appearance at New York Comic Con.  He goes into action to try to woo Roxy.  But soon learns fictional love stories are way less complicated than real-life ones. 

This book written by Sarvenaz Tash, is on point with teen relationships and convention culture without making it stereotypical.  The book is written like a movie script, so a lot of dialog is actually authentic to how a teen would talk.  The environment is so detailed that you feel like you are truly standing next to Graham.  Also, the pace makes you feel like you have been at New York Comic Con all three days.  It’s also funny when Grahams plans to confess his love go awry and even include a fun chase scene. 

Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale by Ashley Poston

Now not all books can be part of big cons, but even nonexistent ones can still give you that same feeling.  For anyone who is looking for a geek twist on the classic fairy tale I say, “Geekerella is a must read!”  Ashley Poston has created her own fandom in this story to truly capture the different views of being in a fandom.  Geekerella is about Elle Wittimer who lives and breathes Starfield, a sci-fi series she grew up with watching with her father.  But she is being forced to change by her stepmother and stepsisters to be their definition of “normal.”  Will she be able to go to ExcelsiCon without them noticing? 

And Darien Freeman used to love cons until becoming an actor.  Now he’ll be filling the shoes of his favorite character Starfield’s Carmindor.  The fans don’t have confidence in him, and he starts to believe it until he talks to a girl who tells him otherwise. 

This book did remind me a bit of Hilary Duff’s A Cinderella Story.  But that is probably due to the regular Cinderella factors and the constant text messages.  But beyond that it is its own story.  How does this book make you feel like you’re at a con?  Well, it brings back all those feelings that you have whenever you are about to go to a con.  You know anxiety, frustration, babbling about what you’re going to do and what you’ll see, and of course the anticipation. 

The story also gives a look at the after con parties/dances.  With this story it actually makes me want to go check out one of these parties or dances.  Mostly to see a Chewbacca dance with a Disney Princess but still it would be a fun new experience.  The characters in the book act and say things that any normal fan of any fandom would say.  Just adding to the experience.  Also, it gives us a look at what actors may feel whenever they go to cons.  

The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston

The Princess and the Fangirl is the sequel to Geekerella.  This time Ashely Poston has you following actress Jessica Stone as she tries to figure out who stole the next Starfield movie script at ExcelsiCon and little by little the thief begins to leak it on Twitter.  Putting the future of Jessica’s career at risk.  Then there’s Imogen; a fangirl that is trying to save the fate of her favorite character Amara from never returning to Starfield.  The two have a case of mistaken identity causing them to meet.  

Having them coming up with the plan since they look alike, they can take each other’s place for the weekend to achieve what they want.  Making this a modern twist on the story of The Prince and the Pauper.  

This story introduces new characters and brings back others from Geekerella.  Which had me a time or two fangirling to spot them along this new adventure.  Since this adventure takes place for all four days of ExcelsiCon.  The entire story transports you into this nonexistent con.  Reading about the dealer room, panels, after parties and artist alley.  It really gives you those feelings of being at a convention even though you’re not.

These books can be found in the young adult section at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.  Also available on Kindle

Pros and (Comic) Cons by Hope Nicholson

Lastly if you prefer the comic format in your convention experience then this graphic novel might be for you; Pros and (Comic) Cons.  We all know conventions can be busy, lively, and fun events.  Everyone that is there is having a different experience.  This book gives the reader insight into that world of over forty different people’s perspective.  Also, supplying a variety of stories of good and bad experiences at different cons they have been too.  With its unique format change from written word to graphic novel it tells the story clearly. 

Reading this will really open one’s eyes to what artist and creators have to go thru at a convention.  Like Andy Kuhn and his “Con Sketch,” where we read some of the requests, he remembers.  These sketch requests will make you ask, did they really ask him to draw that?  Or Brian Michael Bendis “Only At…” where we see that a fan almost ruined an interview for him.  Showing that we all should respect comic creators at conventions because yes, they are there to meet with fans but still are there to do certain jobs.

There are still so many fun stories of how conventions have changed these creators’ lives.  How they feel so touched when they meet their fans.  A different take on telling these 40 plus stories that will transport you to their conventions.  Making you feel like you have experienced it yourself.  This graphic novel can be found in the Graphic novel section at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.  Also available on Kindle

There you have it five novels that will give you an experience of a convention.  Hope this will help you get through the Comic Con blues. 

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