The Seven: A “The Boys” Review

“Never meet your heroes”. That is the tag line for a brand new Amazon Prime Video Original series, The Boys. At first look, it is an awesome new show about something that has been all the craze for may years now, superheroes. Heck yeah! However, the premise of this show is a little bit deeper than that. It’s about “The Boys”, a group who has become so sick of superheroes that they have decided it is now their mission to rid the world of them. You may be asking, who is sick of superheroes? Well, what if they were power hungry? Only concerned about their public image. About how many likes and followers they have. About how much their merchandise and movies and video games were selling for. Who saw collateral damage as just that, collateral damage. What if the “Supes” just didn’t care about being heroes anymore?

This is going to be a review with minor spoilers, so you can read it before watching, while watching, or after watching.

The Boys Are Sick Of Supes

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The Boys has an awesome premise, especially considering the incredible height that superheroes have reached in the real world. If your movie or show contains superheroes, it is going to get an initial boost because we cannot get enough. Then you take the massive hype and popularity of superheroes and you combine it with something a little bit more sinister. What if the Supes just didn’t care anymore about being heroes? What if they had become corrupted by corporate greed, sins of the flesh, and their own awesome powers? Basically, it is a similar premise to Brightburn, but with an actual corrupting force, rather than the Supe just being evil. (Check out our review of Brightburn here)

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It is not very surprising that the world created in The Boys is so great, the shows creators are Eric Kripke (Supernatural), Evan Goldberg (This Is The End, Superbad), and Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express, Knocked Up). So combine superheroes with these corrupting influences and what do you get? You get a bunch of jackasses. The world that is established is pretty great, with a superhero corporation, Vought International, hiring heroes. Vought handles the Supes image, merchandising, social media, and bascially the way that they live their lives. Vought takes it a step further, by controlling which Supes protect which cities, with one story-line including Baltimore’s mayor making a pitch to bring a Supe to his city, for just a couple billion dollars.

When Supes Meet Corporate Greed

Right from the start of the very first episode, the audience learns that there is going to be yet another video game for Translucent, one of the Seven. A Supe that is a riff on the invisible man. A argument ensues between some teenagers about who is the better Supe, Translucent or The Deep, this series version of Aquaman. (who gets a ton of grief for his ability to talk to fish) During the argument, the audience gets a first look at a ton of billboards for video games, movies, and more for Vought’s leading superhero team, the Seven.

The Homelander Evil
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The Seven is The Boys version of the Justice League. There are dopplegangers for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Their very first meeting together isn’t about what villain is out there, but rather how their merchandising isn’t reaching the levels they want. They are no longer concerned about being heroes. They are concerned about their money and image. The money and image that Vought has gained them. Immediately, you get a foul taste in your mouth for the Seven.

The Boys Are Back In Town

It isn’t just that the Seven have become obsessed with money and marketing. It is that the Seven just don’t care about anything. The Boys is made up of three men who tried to fight the Supes in the past, and one new member for the series. Each has been hurt by the Supes in one way or another. Some have lost loved ones to the collateral damage of the Supes heroism. Now they want to bring down everything. Not just the Supes, but Vought International.

the boys Frenchie vs The Girl
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The Boys is not just about a bunch of immoral, jerk Supes. There is a ton of humor, blood and gore, with satire sprinkled in everywhere. The first season is filled with twists and turns. Moments where you will ask yourself, “Did that really just happen?” “Did I just see what I think I saw?” And “Why is there so much blood?” If you like superheroes, you are going to enjoy the humor making fun of some of your favorite heroes. If you hate superheroes, you are going to enjoy watching them meet The Boys.

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